Amanda's life has turned out to be a people project.

Some kids in Amanda’s neighborhood knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. While they were on a beeline path to their presumed destinies, Amanda was devouring books, feeding her curiosity and discovering all the things she loved to do. 

The journey toward Amanda’s career began while she was in college, which included a year abroad studying art history in Italy. There, in Florence, Amanda came to a realization: behind each great masterpiece lies a unique story, a distinct process. And even though an artist’s work has a breathtaking aura, the greatest insights and enjoyment may not come purely from surface examination. She learned the fine art of living while in Italy, and the wisdom of digging deeper for understanding, to see the bigger picture. It’s a revelation that opened the door to a world of possibilities. 

Upon Amanda’s transition back to the New World, she took a 10-year plunge into the San Francisco financial market. During this time her mentor planted the real estate seed that bloomed into an ideal business opportunity, then to post-graduate study in the art of negotiation, and one auspicious deal after another. 

Unknowingly, Amanda had been grooming herself to become the passionate and successful real estate agent she is today. Her ever-burning curiosity keeps her on top of the latest market trends. Her awareness that an exceptional story and process lie behind each great work translates beautifully to each home she represents. Amanda’s passion for real estate keeps her constantly analyzing and exploring each piece of the process to ensure she has the firmest grasp on the fine details and the grander scheme. Her experiences have given her a distinctive scope, knowledge and skill set that she utilizes daily in her work. 

In essence, Amanda’s life has turned out to be a people project. While she was learning the value of having a broader perspective and how to foster great alliances, her vocation found her. She is a rare blend of art connoisseur, quarterback strategist, persuasive diplomat, determined negotiator and simpatico therapist – who happens to sell real estate. 

Amanda’s quest for the perfect livelihood included going back in time to study art history, traveling around the world and gathering a massive amount of knowledge in the banking industry. It not only led her to real estate – a perfect fit – but directly to the front door of Compass.

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